Now that a couple of the movements of the cantata are more or less complete I have returned to the others. None of those is yet in a position to run from top to toe without a gap or two in the middle, so it is time to bring the strands together.

Stepping back from those sections for a little while means that I have a correspondingly better sense of how each movement should progress and a larger pool of material to draw from as well. It thus becomes clearer as the process goes on what should slot in where, and how.

I also now have a much more precise idea of what the most important ideas are, of certain gestures that recur throughout the cantata, and several other things besides. In many ways everything that one writes redefines everything that has come before, which should really be frustrating, but is actually peculiarly liberating.

So on the cantata goes, and I also spent part of yesterday morning listening to some songs for yet another band project. I want to survive the first rehearsal before I go public with it, because I always feel more comfortable when I know that I can sit in the same room as somebody without wanting to tear down the walls, but all looks positive so far.

It is London this morning for a little playing, and then back to Somerset for the time being, a mixture of composition and relaxation, getting things done and getting out and about. My plans for the rest of the year are still in flux, but September so far has been good and all bodes well if I can stick even loosely to this rhythm.