I had a wonderfully productive day yesterday, finishing off another round of proofing on the cantata and then getting straight into a Christmas carol for the Parliament Choir. I had considered taking the day off after the lengthy exertions on Dunstan but eventually decided to continue whatever momentum I might have had.

In the end it turned out to be a good decision as I sketched almost the entire carol, so that by the time I downed tools there was enough material there to run it from top to toe. Granted, it is a little bit gappy here and there, but it is shaping up well, and it is not looking too shabby for an afternoon’s work.

I was helped by having found a text that really spoke to me, which always makes the writing process easier. I stumbled on a few others as well which look to be similarly enticing, so there is the faintest notion at the back of my mind that I might just strike while the iron is hot and scribble some ideas for another carol or two while I am at it, keep the supply running.

Things got better this morning as I received an email informing me that a small piece for two-part chorus and piano had received a “Special Mention” in a composition competition. There may or may not be some performances along the line as a result, but in any case it was a fillip.

Today is a busy day, out and about and then a rehearsal with RetroChic in the evening, although without backing vocals from yours truly thanks to the loss of my microphone stand over the weekend. Still, I spent the morning listening to some funk classics that are being considered for inclusion in our set, so it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.