I was in a little bit of a holding pattern yesterday, sorting out a few of those necessities of everyday life – dentist, new tyre, a few plants for the office – and not achieving a great deal on the compositional front. Today I need to catch up on what I did not manage to do, and it looks as though the bulk of that will be selecting some pieces for submission to various calls for scores.

If one can put up with rejection after rejection in hope of the occasional success then these submissions and competitions are definitely worthwhile, but that “if” is an important one, because often one has simply no idea of what the promoters might be after in terms of style. On a good day, though, one can hit the target, and everything helps, whether it be in terms of contacts or performances, or simply with the injection of a little extra self-confidence.

I also need to put together a playlist for the book, and while I do not think that this will take too long to do, it is still something that is going to take me a while, so the plan is to work on that over the next couple of days to leave me free to write again from Saturday. Getting the admin out of the way by the weekend, in other words, is the main thrust of the next forty eight hours.

I then have a busy few days in London, but am optimistic of being able to sketch out some notes here and there during the gaps in my various appointments. While nothing is strongly up against a deadline – the very opposite, in fact – I would still like to keep those compositional wheels spinning.

Meanwhile the emails and texts are starting to fill up with carol services for December, so I am gearing up for a busy couple of months up to Christmas, after which it all falls away for a while. My diary for the first half of 2020 looks ominously blank, something that I find both inspiring and terrifying.