The world has suddenly become a more unstable place, and I am not talking about politics or climate change or anything similar here but instead about that most important of things – wifi. Time was, very recently, that I could go to a certain coffee retailer in Yeovil, sit there of a morning and get my work done, but recently the wifi has become so unstable that staying online for more than five minutes has become severely difficult.

The sceptic in me notes that this change has come about since The Cloud transmuted into Sky Wifi, the former being stable, the latter far less so while also logging you in automatically and, presumably, forwarding said data to whoever pays the most for it. I realise that this is most definitely a first world problem, but if it continues I might just have to shift my work around a touch, prioritise different things when out and about.

Still, it gives me yet another reason to detest Sky, so it is not all bad news, and possibly means that I should simply get more writing and less admin done on those particular days so I shall try to make good on it. Yesterday, however, was all about flushing my DNS and altering my IP settings, but all to no avail, so it was a less constructive day than I had hoped.

I had been planning to deal with the last queries about the book, and at least made some kind of progress, and I also used the time to draft a letter about a possible commission, but in the afternoon I decided instead to give up the webfight and settle down for a first play of the box that Alex had ever so kindly sent me from Portugal. Said game is Limes, pronounced in the Latin fashion (=boundaries, roughly) and a lovely play it is too as I scored 30, although some way short of its previous owner’s highest score of 55.

The kindness of strangers.

The book details need therefore to be done today, and then tomorrow I shall spend some time refining the charts for the new band. Perhaps on Sunday I will be back in front of the manuscript and scribbling again, but that will depend on my productivity in other areas over the next forty eight hours even if I feel that the woods of various large projects are very nearly behind me at last.