It was another one of those mixed up musical days yesterday, the central pillar of which was playing for two more graduations at the Royal Festival Hall, Widor in and Vierne out and a few other bits and pieces beforehand. While the ceremonies are taking place I hide in the fluorescent cool of one of the dressing rooms and get on with my things.

These things included revising the charts for the December concert in Bath, a little bit of composition for a possible competition entry, and also trawling through emails and messages to ascertain exactly what was said to me about a certain matter. Yes, folks, it is time to abandon the patience I have had regarding this particular thing and get processes moving.

In the evening I was playing for the Parliament Choir rehearsal once more, joined by our friends from St. Albans, and Gerontius is really promising to be something spectacular. The music also just keeps getting better and better, and I can well understand why Elgar wrote This is the best of me at the end of the manuscript.

I am going to spend a few days in Malvern towards the end of the year, one of the first things that I shall do when I down my work tools for a while, and am looking forward to being back there again, breathing in Elgar’s air and following his routes. Being a Three Choirs boy by birth it always feels like some sort of homecoming in any case, but this should be particularly special.

Today I am doing a little more work on all of the above projects, but also taking time to relax, and we shall be dining at our favourite eaterie as well. For some reason they took a shine to us from our very first visit, and the food is none too shabby either, so it promises to be a very fine day indeed.