I fired off a couple of submissions yesterday, one a choral piece and the other a work for solo double bass, and then added a few notes to what will be a competition entry. Today there is another submission ready to be sent, a piano piece this time, and then more work on the composition in progress.

All this reminds me that the most precious resource a composer can own is time, especially when said writer is the master of their own destiny, doing all the social media of the modern age, along with editing, updating, registering and so on. Oh, and writing, of course.

There was still time to do a few other things yesterday, and we wafted (expect more of this verb thanks to the Audi’s arrival) to a couple of nearby places to fulfil a couple of errands and then wafted back to catch up on a few more things at home. There was nothing particularly exciting happening, which actually made the day all the more enjoyable.

This evening I shall waft to Bristol and show my face at the Exultate Singers’ rehearsal as they run through This Light Of Reason. Sadly I shall be up in London for the performance on Sunday evening, but wish them the very best for the occasion.

The piece was written in memory of Jo Cox MP, of course, something that seems ever more worthy of mention as the months go by. I still cling to the text that we chose as an exhortation for reason to prevail, and even if the language of the piece leans towards the more accessible side of my style I hope that it offers reward to performer and listener, as well as something to think about.