It has been a very busy couple of days, and that continued through yesterday as I was up bright and early to play for a Remembrance service in Kensington and then back in the car to head to Somerset. Thankfully the combination of roadworks and an abandoned vehicle at the Countess Roundabout did not add too much to my journey time and I arrived home early enough to finish the new charts for that evening’s rehearsal.

Today I head back up to London, but will be sure to take one of the routes away from the A303, and this evening is the final rehearsal before tomorrow’s Parliament Choir performance of Gerontius in Westminster Cathedral. After more than a year of work the moment has finally arrived, and a line such as “this emptying out of each constituent” seems particularly apt at election time, although Newman would rightly say that he has been quoted out of context.

There are also a couple of lectures to prepare for next week on Berlioz and Zelenka. Berlioz, in general, I can take or leave, but I become more and more convinced that Zelenka is one of the greatest and most overlooked minds in music history, but he was neglected in his own time as well, so history established that precedent a long time ago.

I am hoping that this is going to be the final big push before the end of the year and that I will be able to get back to some serious writing even before the end of the week because there is a piece for a competition that is up against a deadline that is not as far away as it once was. The piece could, at a push, be used for something next year instead, but I would prefer to have it done and dusted now.

Today and tomorrow will belong to Elgar, though, and that seems about right. I will be spending a few leisurely days in Malvern towards the end of the year, and although I can claim no closer link to him than most other people, I am still looking forward to breathing in his air in relative calm.