I am back at home today after a late run down the 303, and although it feels good to be here everything is a little up in the air or, to be more precise, pushed up against walls. The flooring guys have been and gone already this morning (wrong underlay, so they need to come back on Monday) and there are a couple of people wandering around with tape measures as well, using words I do not understand, the grammar and vocabulary of shelving, drill bits and partition walls.

I have hidden away in what little portion of my office I can still access and given Mozart’s String Quintet in g a listen to take my mind off things, also because it will be the subject of my whitterings next Monday morning, the penultimate of my Ickenham sessions. Yesterday evening I had the great pleasure (to me at least) of spending a couple of hours talking about the great and neglected Zelenka, revelling in the verve and vivacity of his music.

Thankfully this morning also brought a letter which I hope brings to a close a rather unsavoury episode at one of my former places of employ, the conclusion of my attempts to secure a commission fee which, as I found out to my considerable surprise a couple of months ago, never existed. Admittedly I was not as rigorous at the start of the process as I could have been because the person involved was a friend and colleague of near twenty five years standing, but I can safely state that year twenty six of this relationship is not going to happen. People make mistakes and can occasionally take liberties but deliberate financial misdemeanours are where I draw the line irrevocably, so it is farewell to all that.

The tiredness that has followed me around over the past week or so is still hanging over my head, but I hope to shake it off a little over the next few days, and for once it will be quite a relief to get to all those Advent carols, just show up and plays a few Hark, The Heralds and a bit of loud organ stuff at the end. The days are also ticking away to the sabbatical, which is a very good thing indeed.

I will continue to work on the new piece today and up to the weekend and have been happy with the way it has gone thus far, especially as it seems to have accumulated enough material for me to work with. The deadline for this is towards the end of next week, so I need to push ahead, but I still think that it can be done.