We have a few days of calm coming up in the house thanks to yesterday’s little errors, meaning that the abode will be worker free until Monday. While this brings about it an aura of relative peace, something of which the cat approves strongly, it does also mean that all the things that had been moved somewhere else to make space now need to stay in those positions for a while longer than expected.

Still, by Monday evening all should be well and back to relative normality, but perhaps it is not a bad thing that I find myself in my hideaway in Yeovil for a while, tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop and tapping away. There are emails to deal with, continuing discussions about how next year will pan out, and then it will be onwards and upwards with writing the current piece.

I sent off a pile of choral scores yesterday to a couple of interested parties with my traditional expectation of not really very much back, but with the hope of being surprised. As long as people keep asking then I shall keep sending, but I realise how busy people are and how many demands there are for their time, both personal and professional.

At least I feel a little less crushingly tired this morning than I have done over the past week, product of a very early night indeed yesterday. I have powered on over the past few days with so many demands on my time, so I need to add in those extra hours of slumber when the chance is there.

The current piece is progressing well, and I think that today and tomorrow will dictate how easily travelled the road will be next week, for it needs to be submitted by the end of the month. It may well be that it ends up not quite as polished as I might want it to be, in which case it will sit on file with all those other works to be honed at some unspecified point in the future, and at least that way the effort will have been well spent.