In my diary from 2014 there is a thick red line running from the 18th to the 22nd of November with the word MOVE written thereon. This was the great deLondoning, the hauling of everything out of the capital and down to Somerset, and while in some ways it is hard to believe that it was five years ago in other ways everything feels so much more right down here that it appears much longer.

In either case I think that a bottle of something fizzy might be in order just to celebrate that fact that what appeared to be a totally crazy notion has somehow worked out, that the idea of living out here and working in The Smoke has not been quite as hellish as I might have imagined. There were the roadworks on the M3 in that first year and a bit, also the incident that made my very first journey back for work take over five hours, but apart from that and the occasional flat tyre everything has gone well.

The house here is substantially smaller than the one in London, part of the compromise of moving out and keeping the Lahndon Lair, but it has a solid and homely feel about it, and once the current round of renovations is done it should be very sparkly indeed. My office has also been through multiple transformations, a large Kallax immediately to my right now housing organ music, scores and, most importantly of all, the board game collection.

All is work in progress, but we made the decision a couple of years ago that it was worth staying here for the time being and investing a little into the house rather than going through the whole rigmarole of moving once more, added to which is the fact that most of the local community seem like pretty decent folk, even if phrases such as Where’s it to? can take some getting used to. Also I still remember finding out that when the nearby farmers talk about the big cheeses they are actually talking about big cheeses.

Other than a little thinking about that whole move and what the past five years has brought with it I intend to spend the day working on the latest piece, which made a little progress yesterday. For all the houses and cities and moves the composition has been a constant since near to day one and just occasionally serves as a reminder of places and people from times past.