Downstairs the carpenter is banging away at skirting boards, listening to yoof radio (quietly) and running the vacuum cleaner around every now and again. In my corner of the house I am getting little bits of administrative work done here and there and listening to the Bach Mass in b. Why not start at the very top?

I have also gone through several boxes this morning, mainly of scores, CDs and books, which have lain entombed since we moved into this house, much smaller than the previous one. Shelves have been mentioned as part of the current moderate refurb, so the idea is that these will emerge blinking into the light before the year is out.

I began yesterday more or less as I planned to go on, sketching out some material for what might be a new piece or what might just remain as a sketch. It all seems in my familiarly very rough style, but it is something to work with, and I am aware after all this time not even to begin to judge the first sketch of anything.

I also tinkered with the code on my website, changing a few things here and tightening up a few others there. It it certainly on the less glamorous side of composition, but it needs to be done and falls easily by the wayside when there are other pressures around, so there is a fair bit of catching up to do.

To round off the evening we sat back and caught up on a little watching and then worked together attempting to build a tower in Menara which I had snagged a few weeks before. We failed miserably four times in a row, but at least there is time ahead for me to work on these skills as well.

The aftermath.