Technology, eh? I spent most of yesterday finishing the charts for the gig on Saturday evening and then turned up at rehearsal to find that the day’s work had entirely disappeared from my Dropbox folder. Thankfully Dropbox’s website allows the user to find deleted files and work out what happened to them.

It turned out, after only the shallowest bit of digging, that I had apparently deleted them myself just as the rehearsal was beginning, which seemed a little odd because all I recall doing was setting up my keyboards and laptop. Still, something odd must have happened at some point, but at least it only took me a couple of minutes to restore and back up the files this morning.

That new keyboard stand is working a treat, though, solid as a rock and full of design niceties that only become apparent when you try to do something strange. It also packs up very neatly and, although heavy, can be carried in its bespoke bag like a rucksack, meaning that if I am feeling strong enough I can get all my equipment out of the car in a single journey.

Anyway, the rehearsal went really well, and I would invite you to the gig but for the fact that it has been sold out for ages. There have been rumours of a Facebook live stream, though, whatever that might be, so consider yourself warned – you might want to be washing your hair on Saturday night instead…

Apart from changing a couple of the smaller details on the charts my work today can, at last, begin looking forward, taking in the compositional landscape. I think that I probably deserve something approaching a day off today, which normally means that my composition work will consist of reading and listening, and then I intend to attack with renewed vigour in the morning.