I piled on into the final movement of the cantata yesterday and hope to complete the first draft of the orchestration by the end of today. I have left myself a vast amount of time to get the second and the third passes done, but the most difficult work is now pretty much complete and the next two runs through will be all about sorting the detail.

There have been a few tricky bars, mainly because the orchestra consists of single rather than double woodwind, which required a tiny bit of thinking around corners, but I am fairly pleased the this first version, not least because my writing has been a little less constrained than it might sometimes have been in the past. This definitely feels like a step forwards.

Once today’s work is done I shall have plenty of time to get on with a couple of other submissions, one for the end of the month and one for February, and also to begin putting plans together for a little publicity push. This will need to wait for a few days, but I am ready to get going on it as soon as I get the green light.

In terms of my time off from the jaunt up and down to London I must admit that it is going well and that I am enjoying my time spent at the composing desk. My days are settling into a kind of rhythm of their own accord with which I am satisfied, and I think that is probably the better way to go about this, rather than imposing a timetable upon myself that, for want of a better term, is not really me.

The irregularity of my working hours, part of the nature of being a professional musician, has always been an obstacle to temporal stability, and I have long wondered what might happen if I could get the chance to settle into something just a little predictable. So far, so good.