Rather than taking the weekend off I decided to get ahead with a couple of projects, spending most of Saturday and Sunday writing merrily away. The instrumental piece, though basic, is nearly there in first sketch, I tidied up an extract of another piece for a submission, and I made good inroads into something new for another submission.

The more I write, it seems, the more I want to write, which is a very good sign, and I am glad that the enthusiasm I used to have for composition is back. In truth it probably never went away, but it is harder to be devoted to something when the only time you have available to give to it happens to be when your energy levels are depleted.

We also spent a highly enjoyable evening with some musical friends on Saturday in one of the country hideaways nearby,. There was some discussion of the local music scene, but the main part of the evening was spent in non-musical and very amusing discussion about life and all its pitfalls.

The week ahead will see more writing for me, of course, and also a gig on Saturday with Clyve in Bath. This will be my second session as part of his band, and the first one seemed to go well enough for me to be asked back, which is a good sign.

It has also become clear to me since the New Year just how much time and dedication and mental space all the notes and marking used to take up. I view that lecturing as an integral part of my career and of my development as a musician, and it has doubtless helped to make me what I am, but there is no doubt that it took immense time and effort, and now I am able to reinvest that into my writing.