I am in the middle of a couple of days of running around, which means that my composition work is a little fractured at the moment, although being able to work more or less wherever I find myself as long as I have access to manuscript and pencil, or, more ideally, laptop and wifi is an advantage. Yesterday morning I caught up on a few things at home and then we were out to Bath where I did my usual thing of finding some corner of a foreign cafe and getting ahead on my list of music-things-to-be-done.

Yesterday this list was primarily populated by articles relating to the Cantata Of Saint Dunstan – programme note, biography, libretto and so on, and while I had run through these tasks on Monday I wanted to make sure that I had done them as best I could. In the end I was wise to check, for I have clearly changed the libretto a little more than I had remembered from its original version and listeners might have found themselves just a tad lost at the first performance.

Today looks like being another one of those days, with various domestic chores, such as taking the car in for a service, combined with other duties including a phone call to discuss the launch of the book and then a jaunt to Yeovil. In the middle of all this, and prior to the relative calm of tomorrow, I shall be happy to finish the Dunstan-related administration, fire and forget.

My next project will be a little bit of arrangement which, with a bit of luck and a fair following wind, I might even be able to finish by the weekend, after which I need to finish a couple of pieces for submission by the end of the month. Oh, and the next two passes at the orchestration of Dunstan as well.

This is pretty much exactly what I had in mind when I began this break, although with a little less of the running around, if I am completely honest. Even with the miles spent in the car the balance of things at present seems to be very pleasant indeed, and now the trick will be to see if it can be made to be sustainable.