Today’s place of tapping is Bath once more, part of a few days of zipping around and fulfilling various obligations while still getting on with the whole business of composing. This morning I have already sent off some of the paraphernalia surrounding the Cantata Of Saint Dunstan, and this afternoon lies ahead of me ready to be filled with some arranging.

I have also picked up a commission over the past few days for a new Mass setting in English which, I think, will be my first for full choir after the unison setting of the new translation for the Catholic liturgy a few years ago. This needs to be complete by the end of March, and I think that I should have more than enough time to fit it in and give it the care and attention it deserves.

I was talking to a friend last night about my break and how things are progressing, and I came to the realisation that I am quite busy with various projects and that this is exactly how I hoped that things might be. So far, six weeks or so in, all is going well.

This evening after the briefest of stops at home I shall be off out again, this time to Bristol for a rehearsal with RetroChic, as we perform in Weston-super-Mare on Saturday evening and need to tighten up a couple of items in the set. I also need to have a discussion about a vacancy that has opened up in another of the bands with which I play, which could further the RetroChic influence across cover bands in the south west.

Thankfully, even though things have been busy over the past few days, I am still finding enough time to switch off the laptop and settle down with a board game, not least because I have an article to write for the next issue of Yaah! magazine. Said article will be about Freedom: The Underground Railroad, which I have been running through over the last couple of evenings, solving problems of a different nature from those I encounter when composing but still with that familiar feeling of having to think around corners.