The past two nights have been difficult for sleep thanks to the storm and its aftermath. I was just about to power down for the night yesterday when the heavens opened outside for a few minutes, and when I looked out this is what I saw…

All hail?

This brief deluge was followed by a couple of apocalyptic cracks of thunder which set next door neighbour’s dog off even more than usual, and then everything was done until it began to hammer down once more at three in the morning. Admittedly we got off very lightly compared to some people, but given that a sheep falling over is considered something of an event here in Shepton (and not one of the concrete ones on the roundabout into town) this was the equivalent of a year’s worth of news rolled into one.

It was also rather well timed given that I had played a game of K2 before turning in for the night and had sent my climbers up the mountain short of a tent thanks to my not reading the rules in enough detail. One chap made it to 7,000ft but let’s not talk about the fate of the other one, merely mention that even meeples can shuffle off this mortal coil if one is not too careful.

Ideally there should have been two tents in this picture…

So it is a slightly tired and weary me who slept fitfully but is still up early enough to put in a decent shift (as seems to be the phrase du jour in Six Nations commentaries) on the Dunstan cantata. I have given myself until the end of the week to get the next draft of the orchestration done and work towards the final version, and I believe that I can make decent progress on that before the day is out.

Tomorrow and Thursday are looking like being out and about days, so although I will be able to set up office more or less able where I please, it is always preferable to commute down a single flight of stairs and have a cat on one’s lap for comfort, meaning that today is one of those days of investment in case the rest of the week throws me something left field. If all goes well I might treat myself to another crack at K2 this evening, and I promise that I shall send my climbers up properly equipped this time, maybe even get a good night’s sleep afterwards.