I did another couple of passes of the Dunstan cantata yesterday morning, this time listening to the playback on Sibelius rather than doing things by eye. This is especially useful for picking out incorrect accidentals, missed ties or (as I found out) an incorrect tempo marking.

I should really have picked up that particular mistake much earlier when I extracted the audio parts for the choir, but thankfully the logic of that passage appeared to be obvious and in any case the errant section was only a few bars long. Still, it is a lesson learned.

I then spent a few hours on another project, mainly because I have time on my side and would prefer to do the proofing of the Dunstan piece when my brain is fresh, and made some decent progress. I would say that two thirds or so of the piece, a short work for upper voices, is already fairly thoroughly sketched, and that, again, puts me ahead of that particular game.

Recently there have been several other pulls on my time, but yesterday was relatively free, and the first time for a while that I have managed to sit down for a couple of solid sessions of writing. It is hard on the grey cells, and one needs to know when to take a break, but it is highly productive.

It is also good to know that I can produce a decent amount of work when I have the time available to me. It is not always a decent amount of decent work, but as long as I can throw down sketches aplenty then I have enough raw fodder to work with and can begin shaping those primal scribbles into something altogether finer.