On a good day I feel like something akin to a power user of Sibelius, but then at other times there are things that I still do not quite understand about what it is thinking. Maybe it would all be sorted out if I were to upgrade to a shiny new version, but the issues are so minor, so esoteric, that it hardly seems worth the bother and expense, and finding a way to work around these roadblocks is always a useful experience.

Yesterday, getting down to the real nitty gritty of the layout of the score and parts of Dunstan, I was deep in the innermost workings of Sibelius’s thinking for a good long time before I ended up with exactly the result that I wanted, but I got there in the end. Working with Joe Leader, especially, has reinforced the value of attention to detail when it comes to matters like this, so I am trying to use my time as effectively as possible.

As well as the continued proofing of Dunstan I refined my speech for the weekend, finally alighting on a nebulous theme that ensured that the entire thing was not just all about me, and completed my first draft for my article in the next issue of Yaah! magazine. I also put the final touches to the first draft of my latest piece, another competition entry.

All of this work is keeping me very busy at the moment, and yesterday we were also in Bath in the afternoon, which took out a chunk of the day, but everything still feels as if it is nicely in balance. Sadly there was no gaming yesterday, but that is something that I will hopefully be able to rectify after I down tools in a few hours today, not least because there has been a decent influx of new cardboard into the house over the past days.

To the end of the week this constant and never ending improvement (with thanks again to Joe) will be keeping me occupied, and once the score and parts for Dunstan have been sent off, the speech given, the new piece refined and the article submitted I will be able to get back to creating from scratch. It will be more pieces in the main, with the occasional article, and maybe another speech some way along the road, who knows?