By midday on Sunday I had managed to complete my latest piece and fire it off for a couple of submissions, eight and a half minutes of decent writing for a chamber ensemble. I have no doubt that the piece is not as good as it could be, but deadlines are deadlines and there are still eight and a half minutes more of it than there were about a week ago, so I think that I can be pleased with what I have achieved.

What is very gratifying is that I think that the good areas are pretty strong, so this is definitely a piece that could benefit from continued work to tighten up some of the weaker areas, although we shall have to see how and when the opportunity to do that work might arrive. With two weeks to go now until the next submission is due it gives me time to catch up on a couple of my own projects for the next few days.

Over the weekend I also received my first work cancellation due to the coronapocalypse, and I doubt very much that it will be the last. Of course, I have been in virtual self-isolation for a couple of months anyway, so the effect on me is thankfully not as harsh as it could otherwise have been, but I am also bearing in mind that as far as things go at the moment it looks as though I shall get off much more lightly than many.

Fears of the end of civilisation as we know it did not prevent the hardy folk of Midsomer Norton from coming out on Saturday night to dance the night away in very close proximity to each other at our RetroChic gig. We have tightened up our show considerably over the part couple of months, so we succeeded in knocking out twenty eight numbers in around two and a quarter hours, and although the lights were in my eyes, preventing my seeing what was going on, it was easy enough to hear everybody else singing along, even over the onstage din.

I am going to give myself the day off from composing today, go up the High Street and give a little support instead to one or two of our local coffee bars and then come home and self-isolate for a bit. The only real decision of the day is whether the medication should be red or white. Stay safe.