In the end the medication was white, a Verdicchio to see me gently in the good night, the shelves of our local Tesco empty in some areas but thankfully still relatively well stocked where the Italian white was concerned. The official advice seems to be to stay in but also to carry on as normal, while septuagenarians and above are to be told to self-isolate, but can also go out for a walk. No, nor me.

It seemed like a small gesture, but I frequented one of the local coffee houses yesterday afternoon more to put some money behind the till than for anything else, and then headed home to sit quietly on our small terrace for a while where we discovered, clinging to the underside of our small table that has been stored away over the winter, a slightly bemused but seemingly very content frog. We had heard some froggy chatter off in the distance but were delighted to find that we had a visitor of our own, so we popped the table back where it was and left our happy cohabitant to his own devices.

Another couple of cancellations came in yesterday, including the whole of the Mayfield Festival, which is a great shame, but totally understandable. It is my understanding that this will be rescheduled for later in the year, so it does look as though Dunstan will get an outing, only slightly later than initially expected.

To be honest I am expecting news of a further cancellation today, possibly with further ones to follow by the end of the week. In terms of financial impact on me this will thankfully not change a huge amount, given that I am currently hiding from any kind of proper job at all, but I know that many people in my industry will be facing very tough times indeed. Other industries too.

So we shall see what state we will all be in by the end of today. Personally, a single, unequivocal statement of what we should and should not do would be great, also what is merely advice and what is instruction. I also intend to get on with a new piece today, but my main hope is that all of you out there stay safe.