Another day, another piece rejected for its particular submission, another chunk of music that can be recast and rewritten, improved and honed into shape for something else, not to mention all the lessons learned along the way as well. I would love to win every competition I enter, have every piece I submit selected, but much as success is delicious so failure (if that is what it is) is educational.

There are two pieces currently going through this process of refashioning as I head towards the next raft of submissions, keeping myself busy and on my artistic toes while civilisation crumbles to bits around us. It has occurred to me that when we emerge into that slightly less than brave new world there might not be a huge amount of money sloshing around for new music, but I shall cross that particular bridge when I come to it.

We had to head to Bath yesterday to deal with some urgent matters, and it was very strange indeed to walk past the Abbey and see the square totally empty, the brave cafes and restaurants either closed or with one or two people dotted around at various intervals. Also cinemas not showing films and buses rolling around pretty much empty.

I kept thinking of Shaun Of The Dead, but also of Melancholia, that magnificent film by Lars von Trier which deals with the end of the world, not just as we know it, and everyone emphatically not feeling fine at all. I must admit that I keep thinking of this film not just because of the current situation, but also because of its astounding opening, the Tristan prelude set against a series of images, sometimes in hyper slow motion, that tell the entire plot of the film in ways that will only become clear later on.

That is all rather self-indulgent thought, however, for in the end I got into the car and came home, seeing out the rest of the evening with a solo card game and a couple of glasses of fortifying red, and today I shall continue with my projects, keeping calm and carrying on. I might listen to a bit of Tristan as well when work is done as a special treat, surround myself in musical luxury at least.