I managed to get a little bit of writing done yesterday morning, not a huge amount but enough to be getting on with, and then settled back to find out what the latest news might be. In the end it turned out that we are to stay at home as much as possible, although journeys for food and essentials are allowed, as are walks and the like, on a one-a-day basis.

I spoke on the phone to a friend yesterday evening who has been ill with the virus and he told me that it was a distinctly unpleasant experience. He is still the only person I know who has had it, but I have no doubt that will change.

I will continue with some writing today, but my inbox is full of cancellations and deferrals of work, performances, competitions, adjudications and many other things besides. Every now and again some good news comes in, but in general there is a distinct feeling of things shutting down for a long time.

My scribblings yesterday morning were more or less typical for me, a bit of writing based on a certain process that turned out to be wholly unsatisfying (the writing), followed by some more instinctive material that is much more promising. Maybe I need to learn that the craft needs to kick in when the original ideas have run out of steam rather than trying to build from scratch using some kind of algorithm.

A few days ago I read an old interview with a very successful composer, a friend of mine, in which he said that he had begun to write without planning the overall structure of the piece in advance, something that is entirely contrary to the way I work. He is, however, very successful and accomplished, so I take his thoughts very seriously indeed and wonder if maybe I should take a brief walk down that road and see where it might lead.