I struggled on with the current piece a little over the weekend, and have now come to the realisation that it might be causing a block to some other pieces that have tight deadlines. Do I continue with it or simply put it aside and get on with something that might arrive more easily?

I shall spend a session on it this morning and see how far I get, and if I really do think that it is a dead end then I shall swiftly move onto something new. I doubt now that I shall be able to complete what was an ambitious schedule of writing by the end of the month, but I will at least have given it a go.

We went out for a walk on Saturday through the fields and into the woods, easily keeping more than two metres from the very few people we happened to see, and having that little escape nearby is a decent lifeline at the moment. We have also adopted the rhythm of going for provisions late in the day when the rush has subsided, although it does seem that the queues outside the supermarkets are more due to their restricting the number of customers who can enter than people losing their minds.

Out and about

I received an unexpected email on Sunday night which pointed me in the direction of the first review of the music book I co-wrote with Susan Hayes. It is a positive one and also picks up on many aspects of the book which we felt were important, so I am very happy with this first assessment.

In the background over the past couple of days I was also running a game of Eldritch Horror, and I must point out immediately that I have no time at all for Lovecraft the man or Lovecraft the writer, but am prepared to get my teeth into an immersive board game experience whenever the chance arises. All seemed to be going well until Dimensional Instability ripped apart the fabric of the world we knew and everything fell to pieces. Fancy that.

Well I never…