I know that I am onto something good with the current sketches because the ideas that I have on paper keep throwing out other ideas. This stands in stark contrast to the piece on which I was working last week, which was as dry as dry can be.

The current doodles now run to about three minutes, but with a large gap in the middle, and I think that the entire piece, when finished, should be about seven minutes long. Importantly, not only is it giving out strong hints of what should be going on in the middle of what I have written but it is also suggesting what might come before and after.

In other words, what these notes are whispering is that this might not be a self-contained movement but instead part of a larger canvas, something with a broader scope. I know, for example, that a free and cadenza-like section might well lead into a following movement, but I also have some ideas about how the material in what I have already written might have been developed in previous movements (maybe plural, maybe singular) to have got to this stage.

This is all rather exciting, if possibly a little overwhelming, but bodes well for continued work on this project, for it suggests that it might be a while before I run out of ideas. As mentioned, the previous piece, now abandoned, felt very different to this even if it took me a while to realise that it was going nowhere.

We spent the evening at the (virtual) theatre, watching the NT’s YouTube stream of One Man, Two Guvnors, which was not only an unmitigated pleasure but also led to a certain fictional person becoming the top trend on Twitter. If you can find it, watch it and you will know what I am talking about…