I began sketching something new yesterday, a work which was commissioned for an event in May which, of course, now might well not happen. Although I expect the news of the cancellation to arrive at some point it has not arrived yet, so I am getting on with initial sketches while the thoughts are fresh.

My intention is to run this piece alongside the larger orchestral movement I am also sketching out at the moment. Both need to be completed this month, but they are far enough apart in style and intent not to interfere with each other and get in the way.

I used to run up to three pieces alongside each other back in the day, and I suppose that I could continue to do that, but I find that I usually work better when I focus on a single work, although, having said that, sometimes it depends. I have worried just a little about my productivity over the past fortnight after having come up against the barriers with some sketches, so maybe spending the same amount of time spread across more pieces might not be a bad idea.

It would allow me to get on with some writing even when I might get stuck with one or even two pieces, and keeping that whole process of writing and learning going surely cannot be a bad thing. It might even allow me to apply new lessons learned in one piece to another immediately, even use them as different proving grounds.

So much of this depends on the composer, I would guess, so maybe it is time to pick a third piece as well and to get them all up and running at the same time. These months are all about learning how I work best, after all, and I have the freedom to experiment, so why not run with it?