I got in a decent session on one of the new pieces yesterday, enough to get me towards the tipping point where the material begins to generate new ideas on its own. At the moment the sketch I have is quite disparate in nature, deliberately so, and I am interested to see where it might end up.

The plan for today is to continue in a similar vein. After all, we have no particular place to go and no particular people to see even if I think that the fields beckon once more this evening for a lonesome stroll to the cloven tree.

I will also spend at least a part of the day casting around for a third piece to run alongside the current two, as detailed in my thoughts in yesterday’s post. It seems to make more sense to be able to continue work on another piece if I get stuck on one, rather than flail around aimlessly as I did at the end of March.

It would be good to be able to report something more exciting, but the days are simply ticking past in the lockdown. I went to a deserted supermarket late last night to pick up some supplies, dropped off some necessities to the next generation up, headed home, and that was it.

I have little doubt that after the frisson of panic/excitement (delete as appropriate) last month things are really going to begin to bite hard in the next couple of weeks, and will then continue to bite for a very long time indeed. Some day all of this will be a story to tell to listeners who will think that we have been exaggerating, but for now it is a question of counting down the days and clinging to as much of normality as possible.