I have just written an entire and very acerbic entry about the latest developments in the lockdown. I read it several times, honed it, read it again, saved it, and then deleted it. It was not a happy entry.

Instead I have started again, and will only mention the little bit of that post that said something about making it up as you go along, which, happily, also referred to my writing yesterday. So there was some musical information in the post as well as a rant about all sorts of other things.

Today is a new day, though, and a fresh chance for me to make some stuff up, or, as I call it, compose. The current piece feels nebulous in the extreme, as if I am wrestling with mist, but I have decided to keep at it and hope that those wayward particles might form themselves into something more corporeal. And the exercises continue as well, so I am being particularly well behaved as far as those are concerned. Some days are more immediately and obviously useful than others, but even the small act of getting something new down onto paper every day is habit-forming.

I shall continue with the new piece today. It needs to be finished by the end of the month and I think that it might be a close call, though not impossible, and there is another entry that can be refined and sent off before the end of the week. Maybe if I immerse myself in this kind if thing I can circumvent my current frustrations and possibly save a little time when it comes to the writing of this blog to boot.

In jollier news our immediate neighbour went back to work briefly yesterday for the first time in ages and left a pile of chocolate goodies outside our back door that were otherwise going to go to waste, so not everything is bad at the moment. I haven’t said it for a while, but I really hope that you are all keeping safe and well, and I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow, hopefully in a brighter mood.