It felt like a victory of sorts to be able to send a piece off for a submission yesterday afternoon. It was not a new piece but an old one of which I have a decent opinion, so definitely worth sending off for consideration.

I have been a little more relaxed of late about getting things off for submissions, partly because of this little creative moment I am having, but also because I have lost count of the number of these things that have had to send out an apologies, but due to the coronavirus our plans have been delayed. Like pretty much everything else, the world of competitive composition is also on hold.

Some day, though, and somehow it will all come back, and the most important thing to do until then is not to write a book or get fit or learn to speak Esperanto but merely to survive, to make sure that we come out of the other side of this at all. In the middle of all that surviving it is good to be able to remind oneself of the good things that we miss, though.

In the afternoon I needed to do my rounds slightly further afield than the end of the road, and my car, shocked at being asked to travel all the way to the next town after all this time spent snug as a bug in its parking space, decided that the novelty was just too much. Thankfully the AA man was only ten minutes away, surely something of a record, and we chatted at an appropriate distance while he sorted me out and sent me on my way.

So today is – where are we now? – Friday, and it will be more of the same, so work on the orchestral movement and vague other attempts to keep body and mind in one piece. There are also one or two other submissions to get sorted, small daily victories for which to strive.