In the spirit of keeping on keeping on I sent off another couple of submissions over the weekend, a piano piece and a work for double bass. I tend to be a little wary of these kinds of things because they are often set up by individuals who require a payment per score submitted, and then fail to acknowledge receipt of score, payment, or indeed anything else.

Even follow up emails tend to go ignored (I know this to be true) so I am a little more picky about these than I used to be but, having said that, found two that I deemed worthy of my time and money. Scores have gone, payment has been made, and I have received one acknowledgement so far, so that is already a better strike rate than usual.

You never know where these things will or will not lead, of course, so it is important to keep trying and to sort the wheat from the chaff and maybe something will come of one of them. In the meantime that quiet scratching noise in the background over the past couple of days was me getting on with the current piece.

It is mid-May and I wonder if I am more confused than I ever was about my writing, but maybe it is more that I am standing at some kind of crossroads and have yet to know where each road leads. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, I find myself thinking of Dante’s selva oscura, chĂ© la diritta via era smarrita.

Even sending out scores is a couple of small steps, though, so at least I am going somewhere, taking steps in a direction, even if it might not turn out to be the right direction. At the moment so much of life seems to be about treading water, of marking time, that any perceived progress, real or otherwise, is most welcome.