It all kicked off good and proper here on the wrong side of the tracks (well, the Sheppey) in Somerset last night, what with armed police, vans, attack dogs and even a helicopter overhead. We briefly wondered whether somebody had gone out for a second jog of the day, but it turned out to be a hoo-ha over a fracas at which a firearm was spotted.

It turns out that the firearm was an imitation but that the fracas was real, and the local grapevine is abuzz with news, no real surprise given that the niceties of social distancing were thrown to the coronabreeze yesterday as crowds gathered within view of our abode to enjoy the unfolding drama vicariously through the screens of their mobile phones. For a while there I imagined that I was back in Mitcham, but then it all fizzled out and the evening carried on without further ado.

I ticked on with a few projects yesterday, and have been out and about today as well, keeping the legs going and getting in a little Vitamin D that does not need to come from a pill, and will probably go for a walk this evening through the woods, given that this morning’s saunter was for essential purchases, so this evening’s can be for the body and soul. Meanwhile another submission went in, and I dealt with a few administrative matters, including a discussion about which board game I might end up writing about next for my friends at Yaah! magazine.

The plan is to get in a stint of writing today before the afternoon is out, work on the current orchestral piece and maybe do a couple more exercises as well to keep the musical muscles stretched. Even in these quiet times a little every day seems to be the sensible way to go.

I had intended to have the orchestral piece finished by the end of the month, though I must now admit that to be unlikely given the slow current rate of progress. Still, there are further opportunities later in the year for it to be used, and it may actually end up being beneficial to be able to work on it without the pressure of a deadline and all that entails.