There is still a very long way to go on the current orchestral piece, and I become ever less convinced that it will be ready to go off for a submission this month, but each day makes the material ever so slightly clearer. If this kind of progress continues then I am likely to be able to increase my rate of writing considerably as I go further along.

There are many gaps in the texture and several moments that just do not work, but there are also details going into other places in the score which are filling out the lines and giving a better idea of what could be placed elsewhere. Like doing a logic puzzle in the dark, but without any instructions, each new step either helps or hinders the journey at hand, but without being explicit about which it does.

Well, it is not explicit at the start, but the relevance or otherwise of the material becomes clearer as I go along. A falling motif here might hook up with a rhythm there, unifying two sections, and each of them could emerge from a slight recasting of what has come before, strengthening the logic of everything to that point.

The span of the music at the moment has a journey from dark to a brighter if not dazzling light, and a sense of finality, as well as a need for further material, which is exactly as I wanted it. At some point, when I am happy with what I have at the moment and the span and narrative is more or less set in place I shall begin work on the second part of the diptych, which I imagine will be easier going with a greater pool of material from which to choose.

I have hesitated many times before tackling something of this size, but it is one of those things that can only really be learned and assimilated by doing it, I think, by confronting the innumerable problems and fighting for solutions to them, gathering experience along the way. I have little doubt that I shall look back on this piece years from now and chuckle at the rudimentary errors, sigh at the mistakes and crude solutions, but for now it is the best that I have, and that will have to do.