I kept the creative wheels turning yesterday, moving onwards with the current choral piece, to the extent that I have made it to the final stages of composition and have already begun to tinker with the layout. When I get to this point I know that the remainder of the journey is about detail.

The piece does not need to be ready for another few months, but it seems wise to make hay while the sun shines (literally, in yesterday’s case) and once this piece is done I think that I shall probably dive straight into another one, again for a deadline towards the end of the year. That way, should things become tricky in terms of time, which is unlikely, I admit, but possible, at least these tasks have been done and dusted.

I think it is also about time that I returned to the orchestral piece as well, for I have left it alone for a couple of weeks and now feel in the right mental place to go back to it, although I have not yet decided whether I should continue to wrestle with what is there or instead to being the second part of the work. Although I am tempted to tinker with the sketches I have, at the back of my mind is the notion that having the entire span of the thing sketched out would be immensely useful in knowing what should go where and which argument should follow another.

At the moment all this writing is middle-of-the-journey stuff, without any performances confirmed and certainly no commissions to speak of coming in, yet I feel that the important thing to do is to keep on writing every day and try to get at least something down onto paper. I am always tempted to dig into exercises when things are as quiet as they are now, but they will always be there, and I could always do them alongside the pieces, of course.

I also dug into my recent catalogue yesterday to give myself a little bit of geeing up, for it has been hard to shake off the notion that I have been doing not very much at all for the past few months. It turns out that I have completed seven pieces since the start of the year, most of them of decent length, and am knee deep in a full-scale orchestral work, so maybe I should be a little bit less harsh on myself, or at least acknowledge that I have been more productive than I had suspected, all those days of getting something done adding up to a septet of new works.