After a very productive weekend – one piece finished, another continued and a third begun – yesterday was a little bit of a washout as lethargy got the better of me, although I did at least get something done, which is my minimum daily target. Today, though, I feel a little more positive about things and have spent the morning doing some research to pitch for a commission.

As always with these things, the chances of ending up with nothing are far greater than ending up with something, but, contrary to the advice put forward by some other writers, I do think that they are a valuable part of the experience of being a composer. Even a pitch such as this, which consists of the ideas for a piece rather than the piece itself, is fuel to the fire of the imagination.

Without giving away any of my secrets, I think I can at least say that I always approach these matters as if I have already been commissioned. What piece would I be writing if the people or organisation concerned had approached me to ask for a piece, and what would link it specifically to them?

I then follow this train of thought to wherever it happens to lead, and in this case it has taken me to something specific which was entirely unexpected, which has merely amplified the sense of time well spent along the journey. I shall polish the submission this afternoon and then send it off.

In all likelihood it will not go any further, but it is another idea to put into that virtual drawer of possibilities, and who knows when it might come in useful again? Research done, I sat down and listened to the Bach Violin Concerti through the headphones, one of the happiest of my happy places.