Dylan T Cat traipsed back in after his morning stroll yesterday nursing a wound in his tail, and after a trip up to see the vet we learned that the injury was probably a few days old. Dylan is highly, highly interactive but had been a little quiet over the past few days, and this explained his relative calmness, the lack of cuddle-me hysteria whenever one of his humans appeared.

He seems to be back to normal this morning, although his tail might take a little while to mend and, unbeknownst to him, he has another appointment to see the vet next week, just to check that all is well. This morning, though, he was back on my lap as I literally attempted to work around him, and, yes, that’s literally in the literal sense of literally.

Having sent off a submission for a call for scores yesterday I have been revising another old work for submission in a couple of weeks, something writen right at the end of the nineties, and which therefore exists as a computer-set score rather than in manuscript. From the date of the piece I would imagine that this was set on the very first version of Sibelius for PC, and it is clear that my digital hygiene regarding some elements of the score was not quite as effective as it is now.

Most of the work has been on correcting small details, such as bringing the piece into my house style and ensuring that spacing and attachments are as clean as they can be. In terms of the notes I have been fairly happy to leave this piece as it is, so once more it seems that I had some idea what I was doing back then.

In terms of work it has been up and down, a mass cancellation (not a Mass cancellation) arriving just as I have been tapping away on this entry, but on we go and we cling to the good stuff, of which there are elements around if you look hard enough. Oh, and I also made it to the Zoom party yesterday for the very first time, without webcam but with phone – all very technical – but at least I seem to have hauled myself into this year at last.