The weekend was spent finishing the revision of the clarinet piece from some years ago that will go off for a call for scores later this month. In the end I did not need to (or, rather, want to) change a single note, but I reset the piece and made sure that everything that I could make better was improved, part of that process of continuous and ongoing refinement.

On Sunday I was going to submit it nice and early, but things took a vetward turn when Dylan needed a little more attention, thankfully nothing serious, though at least it meant that I had something to do rather than sit through a Grand Prix on the first lap of which the Ferrari drivers contrived to crash into each other. Still, at least they did it nice and early, rather than waiting until two thirds through the race, like they did only four races ago, so the humiliation was quickly done. I switched off the radio and instead turned my focus to Dylan, who was in the mood for cuddles. After that rosso corsa carnage so was I.

But we pick ourselves up and we carry on, and I remind myself that I sat through Ferrari’s longest winless and championshipless streak, so this is small beer in comparison. Rather like competition wins, you never quite know when the next one will turn up but you just have to keep on trying.

I need to return to a couple of ongoing projects this week, and I think also that it is about time that I added some more notes to the second half of the orchestral work. I also need to jot down some preliminary ideas for a new piece which might come about as the result of a conversation a few days ago, of which, maybe, I shall tell more further down the line.

So I am hoping to be busy this week, even though I feel very tired this morning, product of having spent the night downstairs with Dylan just in case he got into trouble with his cat collar. Work first, snooze later, and at least there is another race this weekend, and my fervent hope is that it cannot possibly go any worse.

The patient.