The clarinet piece went off yesterday morning, another one of those submissions that I might hear nothing about. One gradually acquires an instinct about which opportunities are likely to be dead ends, and I have only moderate hopes for this one, but I have yet to stop firing things off for them.

One of the things that irks me about some of these competitions, as well as many job opportunities, is that whole only successful candidates will be contacted thing. After somebody has gone to the time, effort and (often) expense of putting an application together then probably the least they should receive in return is confirmation that their submission has been received.

Still, O tempora, O mores and all that. Maybe I will receive an email later today, and, just maybe, the piece might turn out to have been exactly what they are looking for. I am probably just about a cup of coffee short of optimism today, but caffeine and cheeriness will doubtless come.

I decided to get straight on with the next submission, but was disappointed to find upon closer inspection of the requirements that I do not fall within the specified parameters, though at least this time it is not because I am too old. That leaves the orchestral piece as the next thing to attempt to get finished, and I have to say that I feel pretty upbeat about this, as if clearing a thicket and emerging into some sunny space.

We shall see how long that feeling lasts, for the rest of the process of putting it together is not going to be easy, and I am also slightly nervous that it will not be ready in time, but it needs to be done, and it will be good to get very deeply into a single work for a long period, something I have done a couple of times before. What the future of this piece will be I really have no idea, but at least it will exist, and, as the past two submissions have taught me (as if I did not know it before), that is sometimes all that matters in order for it to pay off somewhere down the line.