It felt good to be back in something like the real world last night as I emerged from my self-imposed retreat to take a couple of hours of rehearsal with some members of the Parliament Choir over Zoom. In the hours building up to it I had that kind of knotty fear that I used to have prior to giving lectures that involved dealing with technology, but in the end it all worked well, even if the camera on my phone decided to have a hissy fit just as I was starting the meeting.

In the end the whole experience proved smoother than I had imagined, and there may even be some advantages to rehearsals done this way over the traditional way of getting a choir together in a room, so there is certainly some food for thought. It was good also to be making some music with other people once more.

Thus far today I have sent off two pieces for various calls for scores. To be precise, it is one piece that has gone off for two calls for scores, a work that I think has some merit, and there is no harm in continuing to send it out, to keep knocking at that door.

I need to do another stint on the orchestral work today. I had sketched an outline of the final section towards the end of last week which I think is pretty strong in terms of structure, so now I need to go about filling in the gaps and working out what should fill those abstract doodles.

I should also start jotting down some ideas for another piece, something with a purpose quite different from anything I have written thus far. I imagine that this would be a work for piano solo, to make it as versatile as possible, but there is certainly the possibility of looking at other combinations of sounds, even if I do like the purity that the sole instrument would have to offer. My background research for this will necessitate me putting my feet up for a couple of hours and reading a book, which will be tough work, of course, but somebody has to do it.