I have been ticking along on a new piece over the past couple of days, something small for a competition, running this alongside the final work on The Book Of Hours and my ongoing head scratching on the symphony. It feels quite fresh to be building something from the ground up once more, even if yet again it is with only the fainest hint of a performance at the end of the process.

Well, at least I could apparently retrain in cyber at some point, whatever that is, though I think that I am probably too far into the old dog not learning new tricks thing for that to be a feasible option, likewise all that boxering stuff that was suggested to me over the weekend. Somehow I feel that I have built up the skills to be able to work out whether a B flat or natural is the best passing note in a certain situation (and why that should be the case) so I shall stay where I am for now.

In terms of leaving chapters of my life behind, though, I have now agreed the sale of my Wyvern digital organ, which has been a part of my existence for over a decade and a half, even if I have only used it once in anger in the last five years. Once upon a time, when I was at the Cathedral, I played it almost daily, but then my time was up and the intensity of my playing lessened, and now my life is much more about writing.

Besides, space is at a premium in my office, and the instrument takes up nearly an entire alcove, and the intention is to move things around and be able to have my keyboards (musical, not computer) set up in a manner which means that I do not need to faff around quite so much when I would like to go recording. It has also been pointed out to me that I will have space to store even more games but one step at a time.

I know that my time with the Wyvern is over because the space that it was taking up was mental as well as physical, and I need to leave it, as I have left so many other things, in the past, let it go to a new home where it will be used. I might take it for a final spin before it goes off for good, though, see if I can still get through the Bach Passacaglia unscathed, but my energies nowadays are primarily spent on trying to come up to JSB’s standards on the manuscript.