More writing on the new piece yesterday as I got back into the rhythm of scribbling new music from scratch, not having done this since August, I think. Apart from a few details here and there I think that I just have enough time to let this piece sit and simmer before it needs to go off to its call for scores.

If it does not get selected, which is the most likely outcome, then I think that I shall recast it in fairly short order, refine the music a little more and then reuse it for something else. As always, what something else might be depends very much on what happens to artistic life in the next six months or so, but we keep on keeping on.

I also tinkered a little yesterday with the sound of the recordings of The Book Of Hours. I know what I am after here and am yet to get exactly what I want, but when it is right I shall be able to apply this revision to all six pieces, at which point the project will be more or less done, so it is a question of days now rather than weeks.

The symphony has had to sit a little on the back burner this week, but the road will be clear to concentrate on this once the two other pieces have been signed off, and in the meantime I continue to listen to the fragments that exist and keep coming up with new ideas. I would be worried if all that listening triggered nothing but barren emptiness, but as long as the ideas keep coming then I know that the project is alive.

There was also more talk about the book, and something related to its publication. I will be able to write some more about this very soon, but for now it is definitely all systems to until the release date of 5th November, so I am going to enjoy this busy time while it lasts, for who knows when the next will arrive?