I still cannot quite get used to Sunday mornings being quiet and work free, having spent more than eighty per cent of my life throwing myself out of bed initially to sing and then, later in life, to play somewhere while most of the rest of the world is tucked up nice and warm. Admittedly, I took some time off earlier this year through choice, but this enforced break is taking a little more getting used to.

It did give me a chance to start the day by listening to the Turkish Grand Prix, though, which was on relatively early, something that clearly took the person whose job it was to add the live commentary link to the BBC website by surprise as they were rather late to the party. BBC Sounds after a bit of googling and general Twitter help from other frustrated wannabe listeners it was, even if I still cannot get used to not watching the thing, but I am not putting money into Sky’s pockets, and that is that.

It was rather fitting that on the very last corner Sebastian Vettel should, entirely against recent form, take the third spot on the podium, for it meant that he got to stand next to Lewis, now with eleven titles between them. Lewis already holds nearly all the records, and even a curmudgeon would have to say that he drives imperiously and with nary an error, but at least Seb has the consolation of knowing that he is likely to hold onto the most wins in a row record for a very long time indeed. Whatever, it was right that they should share the podium on Lewis’s day of days.

The rest of the weekend passed fairly quietly, entirely in keeping with lockdown, a mixture of viewing, playing, writing, and a few other things besides, including a little bit of planning for what little Christmas music there might be. Somehow also the skies seemed a little brighter since that angry man with the bad eyesight removed a big, empty cardboard box from the country’s control centre on Friday night, proving that politics is never stationery for long. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I might have a couple of small musical projects to be getting on with this week, which will provide a welcome distraction from the symphony. Somehow I just cannot muster the energy to do a decent stint on it, but maybe these new things will give me enough momentum to take the leap and dive into what currently seems like a big, tangled mess, but with some occasional good bits. While there’s life, there’s hope, right?