The designer of Aleph Null, Tony Boydell, is one of the stalwarts of BoardGameGeek, the go-to site for anything and everything pertaining to board games. He is, of course, designer, but also a daily blogger, currently with more than three thousand posts about all aspects of the ever-expanding hobby.

Back in the early days and even a decade ago board gaming was quite niche, rather nerdy one might say, but the past four or five years have seen interest go far beyond what anyone might have imagined at the turn of the century, leading to collections such as the one pictured below, which, being mine, is rather economical by some people’s standards. Yes, really.

The Kallax of joy. Packing tape, model’s own.

There is a gent not too far from me, by way of example, who has nearly two thousand boxes tucked away in his modest house, thrust umpteen deep into cupboards and piled floor to ceiling. I try to keep my sanity intact by keeping a flexible but moderate limit on things, so I think I have it all under control, the number of games in my collection having remained more or less stable for a few years.

Anyway, in his blog today Tony has written that Aleph Null has now been given the green light for probable publication some time next year, all of which is very exciting indeed given that The Book Of Hours was written to accompany the game. I have only the vaguest of ideas at the moment of how or even if the music might be packaged with the game, but even if things go no further than where they stand at the moment it will still have been a great pleasure to have been part of the process of creating a small part of the world of Aleph.

I imagine that watching Aleph Null traverse its journey from here to publication at the end of next year (Q4 2021 in webspeak) will be akin to that of letting the music book go in the middle of 2019 and then letting other people do their particular things. Whatever happens between now and then, this news has certainly provided a bright spot in the middle of a period of relative quietness.