It is almost time to shut up the blogging shop for the festive season. I think I shall appear tomorrow, but today I would like to offer you a few links to see you through this Cromwellian Christmas, if that is not too much of an imposition.

First up is the Westminster Christmas, which is up on the St. John’s, Smith Square website, costs ¬£5 to view and is raising money for Shelter. If the sight and sound of Lord German, Bernard Jenkin and David Lammy singing my arrangement of We Three Kings was something that you never knew you were missing in your life, then this is definitely the place to go.

Next is the virtual carol concert from Wells Cathedral, in aid of their Bounce Back appeal. You may have heard rumours about some churches and cathedrals getting shot of their music provision during the pandemic, and they are true. The choral tradition is something pretty much unique to this country, and the music making at Wells is outstanding and worthy of support.

And lastly, but by no means leastly, there is the online concert by the Hexham Orpheus Choir, which is free to watch but comes with a polite request to send something to Shelter by way of appreciation. This arrived in my inbox yesterday as part of an email from a long-time reader of this blog and one of my favourite people (hello, Lou!), so please do pop along and marvel at just how inventive choirs have been during these times. Again, this is a tangible demonstration of just how important singing is to all involved in it.

Meanwhile back in the ukcomposer house it is all we can do to keep Dylan from ripping open his presents in excitement, so heaven help us if Santy Paws decides to give him opposable thumbs. Hopefully we shall be safe for two more sleeps.