With little bits and pieces to be done in the house yesterday flew by in fragments of time, emails answered and schedules laid out for what work there is, supplies ordered and forgotten matters resurrected and dealt with. I also got straight into discovering some more of Amy Beah’s music, the Piano Concerto this time, having listened to the ‘Gaelic’ Symphony last week. I have been impressed by what I have heard, and am enjoying this journey into the music of a composer whose output I barely know.

I managed to scrape a few notes together of my own yesterday as well, overcoming that sigh of despair upon seeing my first scribbles of a new piece and telling myself, as always, that the important thing at this stage is to get things written down. The critical process can come later, for if it happens too early nothing much would get written at all.

This piece is for a competition whose requirements are a little outside my usual domain, but in these times I am happy to write for anything that will give me something to tackle and, as always, the mere act of doing it forces me to make the decisions that drive my voice forward, little by little. In any case, it can always be recast and possibly reused if it ends up being unsuited for its present purpose.

Today I shall be out of the house for a drive-by set of missions – dropping off a parcel, picking up some meds for Dylan, delivering a present – none of which is going to involve any human contact at all apart from the vet, and even then they come out to you in the car park these days. Then in the evening it will be my weekly gaming meeting with a fellow player who, in the true manner of modern society, lives but ten minutes away.

I will continue with the current piece as well, also carry on with my digging into Beach’s output, for I have a long list of pieces in her catalogue that I would like to get to know in much more detail. So much music out there still to discover.