And so I leave Mozart behind for the time being, having dealt with the last three symphonies in some depth, but now wondering why exactly he omitted the minuet and trio in the Prague symphony. Admittedly, this is not the kind of dilemma that would keep most people awake at night in the present situation, but I want to know, or at least to come up with an explanation that holds water. Ah, the stresses and strains of the composer…

We also had another fine session with the Parliament Choir last night, working on some Duruflé and Bach to keep spirits up and wheels spinning. It is good to know that when performances do finally resume we will have some repertoire in the bank, as it were, and will be ready to hit the ground running.

In terms of my own music I need to get on with the accompaniments for the Three Songs To Poems By Emily Dickinson, something that was filling me with fear until I remembered the obvious fact that studio recording means retakes and edits and other such trickery, so no need to get everything perfect on the single take. With that kind of pressure off at least I shall be able to get this done without too much blind panic that the fingers might not be up to playing my own music.

Once that is recorded I shall be back to my scores, for a couple of submissions need to go off at the beginning of next month, and that symphony still sits there at the back of my mind, challenging me to add any material that makes sense. Am I at or near the tipping point with this? Time will tell.

So on we go into the day. No chance of making a snowman here, unfortunately, but plenty of other things to keep me interested while the seconds tick by, and hopefully by the end of the day I shall have made some solid progress in several areas.