I fired off my entry for the latest competition yesterday, having revised, revised again and revised once more for good measure. I then revised one last time just to be sure and pressed send, another piece to fire and forget and maybe be able to use again…if it does not win, that is.

And there is always a slight chance that it might rise to the top of the pile, even if I feel that it is not quite right. I am pleased with the final product, though, especially as I was able to do that thing that I really like to do when entering competitions, namely treating the criteria as a commission, as if I were being paid to do it. It tends to focus the mind, but I do need to have a little time for this approach.

Fired with enthusiasm I checked out a couple of other competition and submission opportunities. The orchestral ones tend to attract me more, simply because of the scale of the canvas that they often allow, but I think my success rate is better in the choral ones, so it is a question of balance.

I also did a little bit of research and listening for my next online session and a dab of practice on some of the accompaniments for the online concert in March. In all it was quite an active day, as active as can be when there is still so little to do in the outside world.

In the evening I played a game online against a fellow player, having postponed our weekly meeting by a day, and beat him handily – a rarity – and then I adjourned downstairs and continued my second watch of The Expanse. In all it was a day well filled.