I was back onto things over the weekend and over yesterday as well, getting some research done for my next online session and also adding some notes to my own pieces. A few months down the line there is the opportunity to get a decent-sized orchestral piece written, so I have been throwing some ideas onto paper, and yesterday was productive in the sense that not only did I abandon my first set of scribbles but then also replaced them with something much more suited to the task at hand.

In the evening the Parliament Choir met online once more to continue our rehearsals and keep wheels turning while we wait for everything to blow over, and these virtual meetings, as well as being productive in purely musical terms, have a social aspect as well, even if the chatter is curtailed by the necessity to throw the room open to the next set of eager beavers. It is better than nothing, though, and provides at least some kind of sense of togetherness.

Otherwise life ticks on slowly and surely, and I am trying to keep a balance of working hard and enjoying what there is to enjoy at the moment, for it is unlikely that we shall see times like these again in our lifetimes. The birdsong, the quiet, the days when no emails come in at all – I need to remind myself to stop and breathe and take these things in.

I am expecting, if the numbers continue to decline, that we shall be beginning to get back to work from next month, so it looks likely that church work might begin again, and if such were the case then I would keep fingers tightly crossed that this time we do not go back into another (fourth) lockdown. Things do feel a little different now, but time will tell.

Also, and very happily, two colleagues of mine scored some successes last week. James Hollingsworth, quondam singer of JEBO, released his latest album, and Alastair White, briefly a composition student of mine, saw his chamber opera ROBE released. Different styles of music, undoubtedly, but success sounds the same whatever your musical field might be. Onwards!