It was a quiet weekend, as most weekends happen to be at the moment, during which I added some new ideas to the latest piece, none of which strikes me as being quite right but all of which give me something more with which to work. Maybe by the end of today I shall have enough material to be able to come up with an entire piece, even if the final result is surely going to look and sound quite different from what I already have.

Of couse, the excitement of today will be about the first step in our emerging from the rampant firestorm of a pre- pan- and post-Christmas virus. Well, the first step of our third (or is it fourth?) emergence. At least all the noises this time are about being careful and doing things slowly and carefully. Maybe the people in charge should have been composers in a former life, seen what happens when you just throw something together as opposed to giving it some thought.

What this all means for my own work only time will tell. I have been telling myself for a while that I should not expect things to be even remotely back to normal until September, so apart from possibly returning to some church playing in March I think that life will tick on more or less as it has been for the past year or so.

At least I might be able to pass my birthday this year sitting in a garden with a couple of other people, which will be an unexpected pleasure, but only if everybody behaves themselves and does not go out coughing over coffee. The optimist in me thinks that a spike in numbers might not happen, but the realist is braced for it.

Some more writing on the new piece today, then, and an online session discussing the wonderful Requiem setting by Maurice Duruflé. Normally I leave works behind once one of these sessions is done, focus on the next one, but thankfully we are also rehearsing this work with Parly Choir at the moment. Small pleasures.