There was an amusing little vignette in the ukcomposer household yesterday when I had the music on in my office so as not to listen in on my other half’s phone call to a friend. I stuck the player on shuffle and was in the middle of Into The Gutter by The Answer when I heard some vaguely modern Classical stuff wafting in from the next room, phone call clearly done.

It took me a while to get a fix on it, but fix on it I eventually did and I am glad to report that I did (eventually) recognise one of my own pieces, namely Flyht, which, if you remember, briefly appeared and then quietly disappeared from the recorded catalogue. If nothing else, hearing it again reminded me firstly of how pleased I still am with the way that the piece turned out, and secondly just how much my blood pressure still rises when I think about the whole first edition/second edition thing and having been left quietly unnotified of the dropping of the piece from the reissued CD.

In the end I had to be talked down from muttering to myself in the kitchen while loading the dishwasher, and eventually my heart rate returned to normal, though not before I noted to myself that I shall probably never be able to listen to Flyht again and not come out of it on the other side in something close to an apocalyptic rage. Like The Phantom Menace, it still hurts.

Mind you, I have had plenty of compositional kickings over the years, all the way from very well known publishers who reneged on competition prizes to former colleagues who turned out to have fabricated entire commissions, and if you let the buggers grind you down then you never get anywhere at all, at which point one does have to ask who it is all for, and the answer is for anybody who cares to listen, even if that category often does not include me. And thus it was that I ticked on with a bit of writing for the latest piece, which, honestly, I do not think is very good, but at least it is being written, which is better than not having been written.

Out in the real world, though, it seems that the powers that be have finally seen sense regarding easing the lockdown, so that although there is still a long way to go at least the whole plan seems – what was that word, again? – ah yes, sensible. In fact, it will pan out pretty much as I had expected, so no need, I think, to go dusting off the passport and applying for work visas this year, but at least there is light finally at the end of the tunnel, and there will be more once I have had the needle in my arm over the weekend as well.