I fired off the latest piece over the weekend, just a few hours ahead of the deadline, and while I would not say that I am thrilled with the result at least I think that I have developed some ideas. If anything, it is a tentative step in a new direction which could be interesting, though not quite a Schoenbergian rebirth.

Still, as a writer if you are not looking forwards and at least trying to do something new in each piece then you are stagnating, although it must be said that churning out the same thing over and over again is usually where the money is. Oh, to be able to work out the balance between massive popularity and artistic integrity, but I guess it has to be one thing or the other, and I will always come down on the Jellyfish side of the fence as opposed to Coldplay.

Another way of putting it is that nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the public (thank you, Mr. Barnham), so I must assume that writing pieces like mine needs to be its own reward, though it is difficult to be satisfied with a latest piece that is so awry in so many ways. At least I am aware that it is awry, though, which must be some kind of positive.

I have occasionally had it suggested to me that maybe I should just churn out the Radox bath stuff under an assumed name and see what happens, but I think that my soul would probably shrivel up and die if I were to do it, not least because it is actually quite easy to write, at which point I ask myself whether it is the challenge of it all that is part of the attraction for me. Who knows?

Back for now to the symphony for a bit, talking of challenges, which should hopefully see me through to the end of the month, although there are another couple of submissions along the way as well which I could go for. I could use existing pieces for these, which would give me a chance to edit and tidy and check, but there is a real temptation to do some more exploring, see if I can get a couple more steps along the way to that ever-elusive Grand Unified Theory of Composition.